Round Three

In an unsuccessful attempt to move forward with this dreadful disease; elated to have an ileoscomy bag removed, my worst fear…..

My ovarian cancer had spread

Unbelievable I felt so good as though I were cured? Well, at least happy to start maintenance… chemo pills.

I start infusion treatments again in two days with my thoughts spinning, very similar to a roller coaster.

Always positive with my sense of humor lol

Prayers and Peeps

Thank You

1 Year of Cancer

A year ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer….

24 Chemo infusions followed my surgery, the doctors said I was Lucky to have caught it quickly…..

Even more so not allowing a technician to remove fluids in my stomach at the emergency room, he believed the instrument could have been detrimental in spreading the cancer….

Good judgement on my part…

So blessed to have friends & loved ones on the journey 

So Thankful 

Blessings to all

Doctor Doctor 

Somethings wrong. I know this well, through the years my physical well being is important to me. My parents passed early in age, my belief due to poor health & obesity. I instill healthy eating habits & exercise. Avoid plastic & styrofoam, annoying to some LOL.With cancer on the rise & widespread familiarizing myself with antioxidants…. Prevention?

Cancer has a mind of its own. 

Primary doctor diagnosed diverticulitis …. Not

Horrid reaction to antibiotics en route to ER….. C Scan …Ovarian cancer. 

Fortunately he golfs, club members…. Doctors 

He makes a phone call and I’m guided to the best surgeon. Follow on to Oncologist. 

Research…. Pay attention… Every word counts. Before chemo…No caffeine, drink plenty of water & most important eat, eat & eat. To the point of force feeding yourself.

After treatment rest, rest & rest. You don’t have much of a choice as you experience fatigue. I can’t lift a fork & I use my fingers…tiny frequent bites of numerous small meals. Your body & functions are no longer your own. Stay Positive keeping a constant reminder this will pass.

I truly believe confidence in your doctor & faith gets you through….

Although know for sure Everything & Anything is anticipated. 

I commend St Barnabas Cancer Center & Staff.

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