Round Three

In an unsuccessful attempt to move forward with this dreadful disease; elated to have an ileoscomy bag removed, my worst fear…..

My ovarian cancer had spread

Unbelievable I felt so good as though I were cured? Well, at least happy to start maintenance… chemo pills.

I start infusion treatments again in two days with my thoughts spinning, very similar to a roller coaster.

Always positive with my sense of humor lol

Prayers and Peeps

Thank You


Early morning and I’m scheduled for next chemo today. Not quite a hundred percent though much better than previous days. My body weight seems heavy and I’m hopeful my numbers have sustained adequate for the treatment. On a few occasions I had blood transfusions as my blood count declined. Walking would be an effort but let’s not get ahead of myself, I’m open minded to complete the treatment. 

Taste buds have altered and meal portions are minimal. As of yet my hair is intact, and no signs of neuropathy returning. Discomfort from the port placement subsides and I have plenty of numbing cream to ease insertion. 

It’s a bright sunny day in comparison to the last battle home bound in the dead of winter. See that’s a plus ! 

Good wishes to all ! Let the day begin 

Low Maintenance 


To those who truly know me  ….

I’ve been called ridiculous & complimented on my table setting. Even a light lunch I so enjoy to present the meal. Okay there are plenty of us. My new regine is low maintenance. I frequently would become annoyed looking at paper plates on my daughters countertop. ” Don’t worry I’ll do the dishes or Run the dishwasher!”

Often I’ve peeked in her cabinet to find an appropriate place for them. I’m totally serious… my Mom loved them as well … 

Well look what has arrived!

 In my previous encounter with chemo I stupidly pushed to kelp all in order. Over exhausted myself in light housekeeping…. 

Whew !

Done with all that! 

Enjoy the day! 

Target Practice…..

I admit although I tried not to react; unlike my sister whom I dearly love, hearing my recent biopsy report. Learning that little tinny tiny ovarian cancer cell returned. Unfortunately in this predicament it becomes a life sentence. However, I’m optimistic! & I have an overwhelming love of life with all spiritual thoughts of not leaving here for quite a while LOL. On an up note, remission can prolong each interval of a comeback. Unlike my first adventure, it is contained… also on the upscale my remaining vital organs are ” Remarkable! ” Whew! 

Although it saddens me; the widespread epidemic of this fatal disease many encounter. with the Peeps escalating tremendously, science has advanced in treatment. Cancer is targeted for treatment. I anticipated feeling horrid this morning but not.  Again I follow the rules… plenty of water, force feeding, no caffeine, exercise & good positive attitude. 

Devastated yesterday when my new port was hesitant in cooperating… one threat of a new IV & wow did it flow! Lol  I’ll not cry nor throw out any white flags… we did much research on new developments in treatment, keeping an open mind with options, again ovarian cancer is still in its infancy in regard to immunotherapy.. whereas in other streams of cancer has been miraculous. Not to say it will progress for the future & hopefully in time for me.  I’m comfortable knowing my remission can escalate in a longer time frame.. unlike this past short year, perhaps 3-5 or 10 years. All good. 

Just brushed out my heavenly pooch who shows me unconditional love …. she as others needs me … strength… enjoying the remainder of this day & wishing Blessings to all. 

Deja vu

Port access done … vitals …. good…. Chemo ready. Of course first treatment is a double, I wonder how the mix will affect me. Lol must laugh as I recall the process…  cozy room and fortunately good company… I always pack a good lunch for myself and my companion of the day…. bagels for the nurse station …. 

As I settle down in treatment I wonder on the ‘Chemo dance’ 

Must be a site! 

God Bless All

My Blog

This is me a year ago. It marked a full year I’d finished 24 weeks of Chemo. It was miraculous to be physically back to myself. I fought a good battle; with unremarked strength, an equipoise of endurance & an abundance of support. Unfortunately, the previous few years I neglected my Blog, I had a good startup two years ago when I needed to vent the expirience of being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. 

Being spiritual it comes to mind many of my utmost lifestories consists of duplicating each event. This week I learned my cancer returned….. I never cared for this photo yet I never deleted it. Looking at it momentarily I totally relate to my state of mind. I recall thinking of this day. 

I’m taking advantage of a chance to dedicate time to do the dailies…..  I hope previous posts may have been beneficial to others battling cancer. I’d like to touch many more warriors & perhaps correspond with them. 

I’m suppose to be in Europe with phenomenal girls enjoying a “Life Celebration ” …. Thank you United Air for a full refund…  would have been my first Visit  … Easter in Paris the Chocolatiers, Monet, Louve, Eiffel Tower, Carmen the Opera in Versailles…. then Rome, Florence & Capri. A week prior to departure I had a feeling I wasn’t well… of course it was confirmed. Life is an equipoise …. my second granddaughter was born. We were in the same hospital God is Good. 

I’m currently dealing with my new port and Chemo treatments begin tomorrow.

Battle On!


I love this tree 🌺

By the third week of planting, it was barren, not a petal ….. I thought the worst. 

I was assured it was duress due.

Fortunately for me I took this picture before I left our Winter home.

Today I learned I have cancer… Again 

I am in duress ….

But once again I will blossom. 


Question or Exclamation….. so a Warrior post a word…. Really

I’m thinking… snow? 

Unfortunately she is challenged, again. I love her & I’ve loved her long before our battle, awesome woman, friend & ” Lol ” Professional associate. 

Just makes me wonder …..

As a Warrior, you may win a battle but the threat lingers…..

Cut to the Chase…. Be Strong Be Positive wholeheartedly accept the challenge and

Fight …. 

Fight for your life,  

God Bless All

Hair Again

A year ago I posted “Hair today gone tomorrow” 

I lost my hair during Chemo 

I lost my strength my appetite my Winter in Florida…..

Fortunately I had my family friends & faith …

Of course other issues are to be dealt with LOL 


Chemo weight & my energy level could use a boost! 

There are many pros & cons of Chemo therapy …. 

I’m still here with hair again 

Thank you to all who supported me !


It’s almost a year since my Cancer surgery, ways to go for First year of Chemo to have passed. Neuropathy has disapated quite some but the discomfort lingering…. 

So far hot tub is best remedy

Blessings to All 

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