Dryer Lint

Quick share…. 

When removing clothes from the dryer I make a habit of using the dryer sheet to remove lint on screen. Grabs quickly !

Easy Pour

OCD HAS A HOLD ON ME… So in eliminating a spill I decided to cut a one inch triangular opening in the cellophane. Most important in placement of easy pour; to cut the opening opposite of the hand grip, easy.


Your favorite leather jacket or sweater has lint balls?
Several minutes go by using lint brush or tiny shears trying to snip them ugh!
Quick thought…
Emory board!

A Breeze of Fresh Air

My tiny fragrance bottle refreshes as the bathroom door opens and closes.



Spring is the beginning of outdoor eating…..
The Grill
In case you are new here or bypassed my post on cleaning your grill…
Place aluminum foil over racks & close lid
Turn all burners on high
When smoke is gone; so is the grease, much like the self cleaning oven.
Nice to be back!
Happy Spring!

Unclog your drain in a pinch!

This was amazing, my daughters disposal drain was clogged late at night; she recently moved and no plunger in sight. Instinctively I used an empty water bottle to plunge!
It worked…



As Valentine’s Day approaches; and the new house is almost complete, I stopped momentarily to reflect on the past year. We purchased a home with much potential as well as work. I amazed myself each step with the accomplishments.
Daily routine projects which surely bring havoc went smooth. He never laid back, brought negativity to the task, and shared honest opinions of each job.
Togetherness…. Today as he replaced screening I painted tracks. This evening we sat here and smiled.


Open Cabinets

When emptying the dishwasher; it was awkward to put dishes away with the door open and cabinet doors also annoying, okay get rid of the doors.
Easy fix
Open shelves….
I like the look!

Knotted Sheet

With a platform bed and tee-sheets; the foot corners never seem to be tight enough, my solution….


Adding a Light Touch

20130123-101418.jpgHaving extra fabric after hanging door & window panels; my creativity led me to cutting circle design from panels.

Next using wall adhesive I added a light touch to the walls.


A light touch seen in natural daylight

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