Rose Colored Glasses

My father always told me I’d looked at the world through rose colored glasses. I felt he took me to be foolish. I recently watched a movie and was taken by a character who was quite beautiful yet consistently defended a compliment. Her next statement enlightened me on my growing up resenting words of hurt on my being stuck up or guilty of conceit. It was eloquently revealed her inner thoughts of herself .. how lonely not to be seen for her inner being. The revelation awakened my own self analysis of being. Yes, from my earliest memories I can recall many enchanting sights. The sound of laughter. The look of love, the act of sharing & patience, a sunset or cloud, the scent of Spring in the air as flowers bloom and soft rain touching my skin. The steady water in a stream, birds morning song, the tingle of a snowflake & cries of the city streets. I’ve learned to forgive, my faith has no boundaries.  Ah! Rose colored glasses .. yes I wear them well for I am blessed with the kindness to Gods Blessings & Beauty in this world. The magnificent creatures & wonders which many take for granted. I walk with my heart open & head held up to the sky for many rosey days ahead. A morning prayer of thanks, each day I reflect on this smile with hopes of generations of Rose Colored Glasses. Thank you  Dad for always seeing me …. 

the world is a beautiful place … Amen

Forever Flowers 

Saddened coming home to find my dwarf palm had not survived…. 

A gift from a few peeps visiting for a Sunday dinner almost fifteen years ago.

I selected dried flowers from memories & friends…… 


It is with great sadness to learn the passing of my Great Aunt Beatrice 🙏🏻

Broken-hearted I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye 🌹
Aunt Bea was quite an inspiration to me as a little girl … always dressed to the 9’s in a pastel 3 piece ensemble with accessories to match. Never a hair out of place or smudge of lip color. Tall, slender and always a lady🌹
I came to appreciate her as the years passed along with many loved ones… she held memories & a closeness to my Dad as he was the best man at her wedding to my Uncle Lanny … countless times as I’d visit we reminisced looking at her cherished wedding album & speak of younger days. I would fascinate her with moments & tales of my young ones …. especially pictures on my tablet bringing all to life…
Although I’m comforted she is at Peace with her True Love never to suffer in her aged ailments… I feel selfish as I celebrated my life in the recent months… putting my visit to her for a later time… forgetting how quickly God extends His Work ….
As I visit friends at the shore this summer there will be a void passing Brick …
I will miss our visits 💔
Thank God for memories 🙏🏻
Rest In Peace Aunt Beatrice with much love forever your niece Deb


I have high expectations of our new President! My statement is based on his expertise as a businessman.

An article on Facebook inspired this. 

Italy’s new decision on donation of food to the homeless …

My reply..

I once inquired as I saw carts of food in the supermarket… 

“Do you donate the food? 

“No its a tax write off” . So sad

In another instance, I worked for a book company a short time.. endless over run of books. 

Yours for the taking… I tried to bring them to my children’s school, they WOULD NOT ACCEPT THEM! 

It may affect the tax exemptions. 


Wake Up America!

It’s over a month since I’ve sent in for an absentee ballot. Last week I was told it was sent out the previous Thursday. Last week I received a package from Italy which arrived safely. This morning I called the Florida Board of Elections…. once again giving my info and they have the correct address…. Well no ballot! ….. I was told they will resend it …. they’re excuse was Hurricane Matthew…. Seriously? 

Remember the Postal Motto? Neither Rain Yada Yada Yada….. 

My Floridian friends warned me of this….. 

Of course it’s too late to re register here …. I would have to change alll my identification…. 


Election rigged? 


What’s next? 

Everything our forefathers fought for to make our Country great is being compromised bit by bit…. 

In God We Trust 

National Anthem 

Merry Christmas 

The Constitution slowly amended by offficials in play …… 

Wake Up People! 

Handle it! 

Often while in the market I’m approached on my handbag bag slightly unattended….

Little do they know it’s always strapped in! Lol

I’m very trusting however…

Have a great day!


I probably should have worked on this a little bit…..

But seems not many are using much potential here in this beautiful laid back State ….

Ooops! A five letter moment of enlightenment….. 

after several attempts @ Office Max Depot  whatever…. I asked for 2 copies of an Email…..

” I don’t understand why I’m not receiving it!…. ): ” 

I look at her abruptly…. perhaps something I remember of my Dad…

And respond ” did you check the Spam folder?”

” Ooops! “She said …

In a few ..  she brought me 1 copy … 

Can’t get it out of my head….

Ooops! Kind of goes with this Campaign 2016 

Yes I know get ink for the printer Lol


See His Glory as she sits in Awe

Peaceful & tranquil absorbed in art

Taken vows never to part..

I share this moment, for she carries my heart 

My life grows to begin again 

The love for a woman 

My daughter in law

I Love you Brittany 

Hope you enjoy this video!

My granddaughter Julia is now a senior studying Drama & Performing Arts …

I knew as an infant on my lap she had a passion for music. At 3 months young, her little body kept the beat as we watched Cher in concert. 

I love her as she approached many challenges as a youngster in this world of today… I admire her expectations for a better tomorrow, I’m proud to say she excels academically as well. 

I know she fills her Moms heart with joy & is a phenomenal big sister to three younger siblings…..

Its National Daughters Week ! 

I nominate you Julia as Daughter of the Century! 

You have my Vote ! 

All my Love 



It’s the time of year as the season changes  & with so many needy; local or surviving a unexpected disaster…. 

Give !

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