Mushroom Gravy

Ah! A quick & easy with or without pasta favorite. Of course we love it over linguine or spaghetti, on another occasion I prefer it over rice.

Toppings are endless as well! Mozzarella & olives, peppers eggplant or as is.

One hour from prep to finish….

Mushrooms Wiped & sliced

Garlic Salt Pepper Parsley & Basil to taste

4 tbs Butter

Sauté on medium heat to tender

Add your favorite red tomato, I always have my gravy in freezer or you can easily add San Marzano tomatoes with seasoning. I’m known to add some seasoned bread crumbs for flavor (1/4 cup)

Adding wine is a desired palate choice.

Sauté 1/2 hour to 45 minutes as gravy thickens….


Mushrooms…. braised 

 Such a delight cascading over fish pork chicken or rice !

16 lg mushrooms 

1 green onion cut in 1/4 pieces

3 tbs EVO

2 tbs  butter

  Fresh parley to garnish & dress with salt & pepper to taste.

Hint of Nutmeg 

Wipe mushrooms with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

Trim bottom 1/4 inch

Cut in half

Warm pan add oil & mushrooms 

Toss adding butter slices and remaining ingredients 

Braise 3-5 minutes then simmer for 5 minutes covered 

Always a few dashes of white wine!



Next to Chicken Soup this is perhaps an Italian favorite for a rainy day! 

A wonderful green easily prepared & a variety of dishes. 

Cut a small slice from base to release leaves. Escarole requires a good rinsing to remove ground dirt. 

Old World Style… heat pot with plenty of garlic & oil without browning. 

Add ripped leaves as you sir, I love to add chicken stock for a full flavor. 

Salt & pepper to taste,… onion /scallions, parsley flakes, red pepper flakes as well (optional).

Be adventurous! 

Adding shaved carrots, beans, or a variety of veggies for a light soup. 

Tiny meatballs for Wedding Soup! Rice is another option. Beans & escarole go well for a meal or side with fish or chicken. 

Sunday Pears & Wine

Ahhh! ….Such a delight!

This is quick & easy…. I’m sure many of you follow me & as in Sunday Gravy… Old World

Half, peel & core pears …. 

Heat pan adding 1 cup of wine ….. “You know that leftover special! ” actually the older the better. 

A light sprinkle of Nutmeg! 

Add pear halves at point of a boil & turn down to a simmer/cover for 12 minutes.

Turn up heat and quickly stir to a thickness.

It’s your preference to Add a sweetner… I use confectionery 1 cup. Although I set them aside, they are served warm & dressed to your choice …. 

French Vanilla works well …


Chicken Arugula 

This is an easy one! lol

1   breast per person, cut breast open with                    out thinning…..

Sauté in plenty of garlic & oil ( I’m using oil from olive jar) salt & pepper to taste

Lightly brown 

Add a handful of Arugula with fresh sliced  San Marzano tomatoes, Pignoli nuts & Artichoke hearts …. 

Remove from heat, stir well!

Top with Reggiano 


Bon Appetite! 

Good Greens!

Sitting at the pool many conversations on activity anticipated for tomorrow night New Years Eve….

Our plans are set …. phenomenal pre house party @ Royal Palm with awesome Peeps, followed by dinner & a gala night at Mizner Park… I remember many times the entire place was reserved by our host…. anywhere from 50 – 80 lately 


With thoughts of the food tomorrow, I decide on a Green Day!

 Green only for the next 24 hours….. 

Shredded Sprouts 

Broccoli Florets 

3 tbs EVVO

Salt pepper garlic parsley & scallions to taste….

Sauté high 5 minutes covered but turn occasionally.

Remove from heat, let sit 3 minutes covered.

I may add some leftover lemon chicken for him….Lol

Butter Balls

It’s Gravy time! Lol

For the Newbies….. 

1 – 2 tablespoons butter

2 – 3 tablespoons Wondra quick mixing flour

Soften butter add flour & stir stir stir ! 

Keep  soft add to roast drippings in a small pan with your favorite seasonings… salt pepper celery stalks & onion (whole for easy removal) … lol Plenty of parsley! I love a dash of white wine! 

Warm & Pour! 

Gobble Gobble! 


Old World Style ….. Many  young peeps aren’t familiar with the terminology of culinary art. 

First in flight… lol and perhaps an important basic is creating a base. For sauces, soup gravy & topping off any dish. 

A basic base begins with shortening…. oil butter or meat/fish bones or lard. 

Of course you are in control of the flavor from the get go. 

Chopped  grated or whole veggies (onion celery carrot) sautéed slowly & enhanced with desired herbs … parsley cilantro etc salt & pepper.

Added ingredients & water or stock complete the base. I take advantage each time I’m creating a dish to add extra liquid to store for later use. Never worry on an over amount of liquid as it can be cooked down to desired flavor & consistency. 

Each time I make a roasted dish, I take full advantage of pan drippings which I use for a sauce. Or let’s pick up those veggies with an enhanced flavor! All are easily stored or frozen for whatever. 

Imagine an omelette using leftovers & topped with a glaze of your own…

Above is a basic base to which I’ve added garlic scallions & sweet peppers. 
Later I will add rice peas & shellfish… 


Reggiano…. Cheese 

I not a PARMIGIANA girl, LOL But I love a soft Reggiano. Shaved in a salad, grated for pasta & “Gravy” meat, shredded for sauces & chunks as an appetizer. 

Back to Old World cooking …… the rind is priceless …. I Always add to my fresh gravy …. Oh! The Flavor! ……..


Pumpkin Coffee Cake 


An accidental surprise! 

While baking my Chocolate Crust Pumkin Pie, I realized I had leftover filling. 

I crumbled cinnamon coffe cake as a Crust, added pumpkin filling & topped it with grated GhiradellI White Chocolate 

New Holiday Dessert! 🎃

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