When Ying Yang came about as one of my categories; I was hesitant on completion, due to a scenario. I hope many of you take notice most blogs are relevant to moments in time of my life. After a long day at the beach, a friend and I had just returned to my place for a cup of coffee. Knowing I had dinner plans with others we haven’t  seen this season, the phone rang and he said dinner was early. Be ready in half an hour to be picked up. I told her we could still enjoy a quick cup of  java before I hit the shower. Wearing a strange expression: she exclaimed we could do without but, how could I be submissive to a phone call? She would never be as spontaneous for a man. In an instant, my reply was to defend my position as a partner. Quickly she revealed perhaps this was a reason she walked away from previous relationships. I felt it was a compromise; not submission. No power play,no need for one to take control, just go with it…… enjoy dinner with old friends and life goes on. Another day in paradise. Compromise


people person who enjoys sharing lifestories and experiences..... most conversations with friends and family normally starts with "how do you..." I enjoy art;dabble in water color, reading; for relaxation.. cooking; definitely 'chef potential'.. music; abba - zztop ..professinal pastime; hair design...... work at home; which simplifies the art of ' domestic engineering made simple',no cutting corners...just basic how to's.... sharing......

One response to “Compromise………

  1. Joanna

    You were right Deb, and so was she……her previous relationship issues were probably related to her opinion that co-operating equals submission. As Dr. Phil says: “how’s that workin’ for you?”.

    And, really, what were you supposed to say “no, I don’t wanna be ready in a half hour. Just tell them to hold dinner for an hour, so I can sit around b.s.-ing with someone I sat around b.s.-ing with on the beach for the whole day”? You already had plans. I could understand someone being upset if you cancelled dinner with them because something last minute came up, but a cup of coffee??????

    Love that pic of you and Robert!!


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