Chest in the face……….

A dear friend called to ask if we could meet for coffee. I set aside whatever my plans were. We’ve been friends for decades; this was a first. normally we meet for lunch, get together for a girl’s nite, or it’s a family affair. I was touched as I have been more often lately. A few close friends shared confidential quarters with me recently; more so than in the past. I’m complimented by this..

As we sat across from each other it was inevitable she was quite troubled. I tried to make light of her situation, she wasn’t happy. I’ve learned Happy is a state of mind; comes and goes. I knew what she meant but was hesitant to pry. Instead of speaking, opinionative or questioning I listened.  As her tears flowed down her pretty face, my heart was sunken to see her in such a state.  

All cried out she then wanted advise. Even mentioned a visit to a psychic; whew! time for a laugh. At this point all the excuses in the world for hanging on were rummaged through. I don’t give advise I tell stories; not fables, real truths of past experiences which led me to change. 

I reminisced on my previous divorce, major change. A client of mine when learned of my divorce asked what happened. He was a newly wed.  Seems like yesterday, glad I can look back and jest. Anyway, getting on with it I told him I had experienced ‘Chest in the face”. Looking totally confused he inquired on the meaning. Well I explained; in the beginning we shared visuals on entry; however on our last uneventful love-making(?) I sensed a huge void as he abruptly took care of business while he pound his chest in my face. The reality promoted change. The marriage was over.

My girlfriend laughed but sadly enough, admitted her reality as well. Change.



people person who enjoys sharing lifestories and experiences..... most conversations with friends and family normally starts with "how do you..." I enjoy art;dabble in water color, reading; for relaxation.. cooking; definitely 'chef potential'.. music; abba - zztop ..professinal pastime; hair design...... work at home; which simplifies the art of ' domestic engineering made simple',no cutting corners...just basic how to's.... sharing......

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