Braised Fennel ….Anise

Delightful Appetizer!     

    Anise or fennel as it is labeled on the market; is a flavorful dish easily prepared and enjoyed by dinner guests.  I serve fennel as a side with pasta and gravy meat. Nice Alternative or complimentary with cheese and olive platter.  Or as a side dish with fish.

 Needed 2  stalks fennel            serves 2 – 4



salt & pepper to taste

olive oil 

Stems should be firm,bulb white…


 Stems should be firm,bulb white…I usually prepare this dish as my sauce is cooking; while preparing appetizers to compliment pasta and meat platter. Clean fennel, cut off stalks and reserve some of the leafy sprigs for dressing. Trim, cut into quarter sections …heat garlic and olive oil in a small pan.Place fennel sliced side down, add salt & pepper garnish with basil, braise fennel on each side to brown. I start this on a high flame to brown; turn  heat down to saute & soften til fork goes through easily. 

     I also use anise when preparing stuffing. A unique flavor in replace of chopped celery.
     Great cut up in a fresh garden salad!



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