Color My World I Am Here

I Am Here

I am but a child in the womb of existence. My world is a shadow of black and white. Neither premonitions nor sightings of the future merely a gray void yearning fulfillment. I know not right or wrong yet, I stand well before you and those who would judge me; as I judge none. Stand by my side and relish in the beauty of life. I come to life from this placid state open-minded; prepared to speculate the nature of my being, which will develop as a composition of those who surround me. For they have chosen my birth.

Color my world with a spectrum of light. The world is a mist obscuring emotion. Color my world in true equipoise, for each ray to expose a value of comfort. I am a rainbow set forth to righteousness, as I glaze the world before you. Shower within the ethereal glow to reflect the truth of my existence. On first sight, I behold you in awe and total dependence. You are a staff, upon which I lean for support, as I descend from the pedestal placed beneath me. Lead me to the path at the end of the rainbow, and I will see you as a pot of gold.

Color red for the fiery warmth to sense a heart. Let the fire indulge power and strength as the ray maintains momentum for synchronized tempo. Color red for the tempo will sustain the endurance of purpose.

I am red feel me capture life around you, as I run through your core. Feel the reign of emotion making us one. Red runs deep within me, through me; within you, in all exchanges of mankind. Red is emotion in transition, flowing through time as the river of life. Red is timeless, and uncountable. Unconditional by law, overlooking none, by soft touch or the hardest of blows; endured within, unseen by many; for even the blind inherit sense. Red is love.

Color orange for the fruit of the soul. What good an emotion which is not shared. The seed comes to full life in its developed form, with new life within; color orange a flow of continuity. I am orange a life line to destiny, grow with me. Orange is the womb, natures and bountiful. Orange is a pasture for longevity; in my completion, all of which you and they before you, have harvested in me will generate from me. And the seed replenishes beyond the harvest past. Orange is birth.

Color yellow from the sun, as the sunshine brightens wonders of the earth’s magnificence. Giving strength to flourish and nurture. Color yellow for true vision, to penetrate through the depth of darkness. I am yellow I guide you to the path of life. Yellow is consciousness, and courage with no hesitation of intimidation in what comes to you. Yellow inspires challenge; in victory or defeat. Yellow is hope.

Color green to breathe and exhale. Each breathes; a composition of a day. Daily life lessons good and bad for acceptance, without choice in meaning, taking you to the next day. Color green to exhale consciousness in rhythm, and overcoming obstacles. I am green the earth which you stand upon.

Color blue as an oracle of peace. Portray ora of protection to encounter harm’s way through the rivers of life. Color blue as I succumb to rest. I am blue I covet you in consciousness and slumber.

Color indigo to insure forgiveness. That I forgive and may be forgiven, an exchange in the duration of each cycle we pursue. Color indigo for humanity. I am indigo a mountain to climb and overcome.

Color violet as acceptance to my destiny. For I have lived and will live on. Color violet so I may live again. I am violet I am your soul here for eternity.


people person who enjoys sharing lifestories and experiences..... most conversations with friends and family normally starts with "how do you..." I enjoy art;dabble in water color, reading; for relaxation.. cooking; definitely 'chef potential'.. music; abba - zztop ..professinal pastime; hair design...... work at home; which simplifies the art of ' domestic engineering made simple',no cutting corners...just basic how to's.... sharing......

6 responses to “Color My World I Am Here

  1. ruleta
    Visit out my project that I just finished recently.

  2. Deb,

    I am so proud of you!!! I didn’t realize just how deep you are! Funny and kind, a great cook and now a great blogger!!


  3. Amy Milionis

    I loved reading your description of life before birth. I really enjoyed the idea you described! I could feel the colors and identify that those colors do express those properties and convey those emotions/ strengths/gifts. WOW! I think you just might be closer to Davinci than you think:)

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