Pork Tenderloins

Pork Tenderloins


This is a favorite of guests as well of my own, the simplicity of the prep work gives me the remainder of the day to accompany this dinner selection with a lavish side or fabulous dessert; of course that didn’t happen today… on this day I purchased a fab camera to add photos ….in time I will figure out the 3D part; for now it’s the recipe.

Also, the garnish is basic, usually I add onions/mushrooms,or potatoes and quick veggie…. Use your imagination!

Pork Tenderloin………              serves 2 – 4

prep time     15 minutes

total cook time   1 hour

You will need….

2    pork tenderloin         

1    cup stock

2 – 3  garlic cloves  ( or powder)

salt & pepper to taste

4   parsley sprigs

hand full  seasoned bread crumbs

1/2  cup quick mix flour

4   tbsp  cooking oil

cut tenderloin in half, I prefer to pierce them with the tip of a sharp knife and insert garlic slivers; garlic powder can be used as an option. Drizzle tenderloin with oil and light coat using flour first; followed by bread crumbs.

A light coating

 Place in preheated pan, lightly oiled and sear ( high flame) on each side… approx. 10 minutes; remove from heat  slowly add stock … your choice chicken beef or vegetable,

add parsley sprigs over the top, season with salt,  pepper

cover, return to heat and simmer for 1 hour          

your choice to add onion /mushrooms....

            Turn tenderloin; which will moisten meat and cascade sauce; you can splash with wine …  cool down a few minutes so meat can settle for easy slicing/serving or serve as is ….

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people person who enjoys sharing lifestories and experiences..... most conversations with friends and family normally starts with "how do you..." I enjoy art;dabble in water color, reading; for relaxation.. cooking; definitely 'chef potential'.. music; abba - zztop ..professinal pastime; hair design...... work at home; which simplifies the art of ' domestic engineering made simple',no cutting corners...just basic how to's.... sharing......

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  1. “Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.” ~ Peter Ustinov

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