Spring Pest


First traffic light after leaving gardens supply store……


I Wish You Bluebirds…


Such a Beauty!

I was amazed in showing off my photo of this bird how many different reactions occurred…

Seems during nesting Season these birds are extremely protective & are known to attack passerbyers…

Aw Spring!

Chicken Cacciatore 


This is a simple & delightful dish!

Cacciatore means wild, so I was told by Jr. Of Tripoli restaurant many years ago. Although prepared in a Marsala, 

The recipe works well with tomato for a lighter Sunday pasta dinner.


Chicken breast quartered ( one breast per serving )

1 large onion peeled & sliced

3 peppers sliced

1 can crushed tomatoes 

1 small tomatoe paste

Vinegar of choice, 

Salt pepper basil garlic & parsley to taste

Olive oil 1/4 cup

Place chicken in pan with seasoning, bake 25 minutes *400 

Add vegetables mixed with oil continue baking 30 minutes *350


Add crushed tomatoe & paste cook for addition 30 minutes 

Serve with pasta or yellow rice





In my young years Spring brought the anticipation of the coming Summer. Now this wonderous season delights me to see Spring Sprung!



Steer It…


In conversation of our stage in life; we discuss getting on with it……

She responded go with it, humm….

No , just steer it

Enjoy the day!


First movie rental; Long Island NY, my first visit I picked a movie with the unknown then Brendan Fraiser…. He bought it for me, next day. He showed her inner peace and balance, she found her equipoise. Long time getting here…..


Thankful moment


I am blessed


Your favorite leather jacket or sweater has lint balls?
Several minutes go by using lint brush or tiny shears trying to snip them ugh!
Quick thought…
Emory board!

Egg In?

It was the late 80’s Hoboken NJ was an explosion of New … Restaurants, Shops & numerous Retail sites on Washington Avenue. Recently divorced I began taking my young children out on a Friday night for dinner to tease their pallet. Unexpectedly a client surprised me with a gift certificate to a well known restaurant in the area…
First course Soup with a floating egg! Didn’t go over well & not to upset other patrons we left…..
Today; decades later …. Eggceptable
Have a great day!

There’s Always Tomorrow

Comebacks are Fabulous & tomorrow I begin a new series of my Blog
Hope the Holiday Season is Most Enjoyable for All
Prayers & Best Wishes

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