Baked & Loaded Pasta

This is a shortcut lasagna…

3 lbs large pasta

3 lbs ground meat to make small meatballs

3 lbs fresh ricotta mix

2 Lbs fresh mozzarella

Sunday Gravy

Line bottom of pan with sauce cover with cooked pasta without mixing

Soak mozzarella in warm water about 20minutes to soften which easily pulls apart.

Use 2/3 of pulled mozzarella into pasta. Next layer … small meatballs drained from gravy & drizzle fresh basil over meatball layer.

Top with ricotta mix


4 eggs

Salt & pepper to taste

Dash of nutmeg


1/4 cup cream

Mix well

Dabble cheese mix over the top add remaining mozzarella

Use wooden spoon handle to make half moon stir

I don’t mix the ingredients keeping each flavor to clash together while enjoying!

Place in oven *275 for 40 minutes

Top with gravy

Serves many! Lol


Round Three

In an unsuccessful attempt to move forward with this dreadful disease; elated to have an ileoscomy bag removed, my worst fear…..

My ovarian cancer had spread

Unbelievable I felt so good as though I were cured? Well, at least happy to start maintenance… chemo pills.

I start infusion treatments again in two days with my thoughts spinning, very similar to a roller coaster.

Always positive with my sense of humor lol

Prayers and Peeps

Thank You

Utilizing a utensil ……

Lol I know there’s a better way but it’s a make due situation ………

Mushroom Gravy

Ah! A quick & easy with or without pasta favorite. Of course we love it over linguine or spaghetti, on another occasion I prefer it over rice.

Toppings are endless as well! Mozzarella & olives, peppers eggplant or as is.

One hour from prep to finish….

Mushrooms Wiped & sliced

Garlic Salt Pepper Parsley & Basil to taste

4 tbs Butter

Sauté on medium heat to tender

Add your favorite red tomato, I always have my gravy in freezer or you can easily add San Marzano tomatoes with seasoning. I’m known to add some seasoned bread crumbs for flavor (1/4 cup)

Adding wine is a desired palate choice.

Sauté 1/2 hour to 45 minutes as gravy thickens….


Nurse Lovely

Recent return to ER following 4th surgery this year with severe back & abdominal pain…. I was introduced to nurse “Lovely” from Haiti ….

Magically she brought me a cup of warm water with added lemon & salt … extremely undesirable taste….

instant relief from an island recipe

The remedy helped women with gas following a c-section

Thank You Nurse Lovely & St Barnabas!

Just a sharing start ….

No Words…

Sad to say it’s been awhile…. Chemo & meds cause difficulties when attempting to write… eyes out of focus & mind out & about of sorts.

Once Again my ovarian cancer has escalated leading me back to the long & winding road to recovery following new treatments.

On a good note I don’t despair the coming battle lol open minded & positive thoughts will guide me…

Thank you to my followers & welcome to newcomers!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post a word or few of interest to all.

Happy Weekend!

Rose Colored Glasses

My father always told me I’d looked at the world through rose colored glasses. I felt he took me to be foolish. I recently watched a movie and was taken by a character who was quite beautiful yet consistently defended a compliment. Her next statement enlightened me on my growing up resenting words of hurt on my being stuck up or guilty of conceit. It was eloquently revealed her inner thoughts of herself .. how lonely not to be seen for her inner being. The revelation awakened my own self analysis of being. Yes, from my earliest memories I can recall many enchanting sights. The sound of laughter. The look of love, the act of sharing & patience, a sunset or cloud, the scent of Spring in the air as flowers bloom and soft rain touching my skin. The steady water in a stream, birds morning song, the tingle of a snowflake & cries of the city streets. I’ve learned to forgive, my faith has no boundaries.  Ah! Rose colored glasses .. yes I wear them well for I am blessed with the kindness to Gods Blessings & Beauty in this world. The magnificent creatures & wonders which many take for granted. I walk with my heart open & head held up to the sky for many rosey days ahead. A morning prayer of thanks, each day I reflect on this smile with hopes of generations of Rose Colored Glasses. Thank you  Dad for always seeing me …. 

the world is a beautiful place … Amen


Being a passionate reader, I remember one winter reading fifty- two books. Savoring the finale to extend the read of a favorite. As .. The Glass Castle. At my best to be diligent getting through a few chapters awaiting a “click” to capture my interest on a read others experience difficulties to grasp.

These days the channel guide is challenging in regard to focus.

My blog or my purpose of this category… is my way of reaching out to others in the similar situation. Unwarranted research on the topic of Cancer along with so many advisories’ recommendations of reading materials, my purpose is to share the experience with hopes of release of my own fears, and bring any comfort to those with a zillion doubts they aren’t alone. Enough medical conversations, although intention of concern is greatly appreciated… tell me a story. Reminiscing on better days is most joyful, I’m fortunate to have fine memory coated with humorous anecdotes. 

Yes it’s an illusion all share similar effects … if I can relate or serve purpose to ease the mind bottling question in the daily change of emotional events of ones life … I am joyful. 

Anxiety limits my focus to read … writing has no limit. 

Within hours of treatment anxiety escalates. My advice is totally eliminate caffeine at least until most of the treatment flushes & the body finds its way in sinc. 


Early morning and I’m scheduled for next chemo today. Not quite a hundred percent though much better than previous days. My body weight seems heavy and I’m hopeful my numbers have sustained adequate for the treatment. On a few occasions I had blood transfusions as my blood count declined. Walking would be an effort but let’s not get ahead of myself, I’m open minded to complete the treatment. 

Taste buds have altered and meal portions are minimal. As of yet my hair is intact, and no signs of neuropathy returning. Discomfort from the port placement subsides and I have plenty of numbing cream to ease insertion. 

It’s a bright sunny day in comparison to the last battle home bound in the dead of winter. See that’s a plus ! 

Good wishes to all ! Let the day begin 

The Enevitable

A dark scary & most painful night occurred, in my first encounter 24 weeks of chemo I was spared one obvious side affect. nausea. Although advised last time I would loose my hair; doctrors promised I wouldn’t experience any nausea.  Along with my new cancer cells my treatment is altered or targeted with a new Mix. Prescription are given on the event of side effect.   

Several times it was mentioned my being fortunate never experienced nausea. Til last night….. 

Stomach swelled as though I were pregnant.. i thought I were toxic, the pressure &- pain unbearable… can’t lay down then doubled over…. Hours of nauseated ritual causing increased pain. …. my mind weakens and darkest thought spin in my head Is this worth it? Is Quality of Life? Will this be the end of me?!one treatment and 23 more to come…. 

exhausted physically and mentally drained ….’

This too shall pass 

Today I rest 

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