Wake Up America!

It’s over a month since I’ve sent in for an absentee ballot. Last week I was told it was sent out the previous Thursday. Last week I received a package from Italy which arrived safely. This morning I called the Florida Board of Elections…. once again giving my info and they have the correct address…. Well no ballot! ….. I was told they will resend it …. they’re excuse was Hurricane Matthew…. Seriously? 

Remember the Postal Motto? Neither Rain Yada Yada Yada….. 

My Floridian friends warned me of this….. 

Of course it’s too late to re register here …. I would have to change alll my identification…. 


Election rigged? 


What’s next? 

Everything our forefathers fought for to make our Country great is being compromised bit by bit…. 

In God We Trust 

National Anthem 

Merry Christmas 

The Constitution slowly amended by offficials in play …… 

Wake Up People! 

Old World Cooking 

Realizing I have many newbies on the sight or in their kitchen ….. as I cook I would like to share culinary tips not usually in a recipe. 

For instance, after frying chicken for a taco filling; I add appropriate water to the pan drippings. My meal will be accompanied by yellow rice, rather than plain water I will use the liquid from skillet when cooking. I normally use stock…. pretty much the same. 

Many chefs take advantage of the skillet drippings to complete the dish. 

Similar to making gravy the drippings are the base of flavor. 

Broccoli Rabes

Rabes ! How often I’m asked why my Rabes are soooo tasty!  Thought I’d posted this recipe…. lol

Rabes are usually best in April and November. Never buy when flowers are yellow… No 1 rule

A friend asked why I discard so much of the leaves? They are tasteless 

I cut after first leaf from flower on a slant and slice the stem … 

thouroughly rinsing in cool water …. place in skllillet wet…..

Add Olive Oil Salt Pepper a few Red Pepper flakes & plenty of Garlic 

Tight cover cook on high flame frequently turning as they shrink down …… while they retain color …. about 10 minutes …. shut off heat ….. let them sit another ten minutes…. if you’re like me and prep ahead,  save last few minutes to heat & serve


Sausage Stuffing 

As the cool weather approaches…. I find a need to keep my oven warm LOL 

Beef fish chicken & especially pork is delightful stuffed! 

I use Italian mild sausage ( I love the seasoning) remove casing, in a hot skillet lightly greased, fry down all the fats to a crumbled bacon look… 

3 eggs ( the rule is 3 eggs per pound )

Add 1/2 – 1 cup of breading ( your choice)  this recipe I’m using Italian seasoning & adding scallions, artichoke hearts & red 🍇

Yes grapes! 

Mix & Stuff 

Yummy! Stuffed Pork Chops

Recipe will follow…

Handle it! 

Often while in the market I’m approached on my handbag bag slightly unattended….

Little do they know it’s always strapped in! Lol

I’m very trusting however…

Have a great day!


I probably should have worked on this a little bit…..

But seems not many are using much potential here in this beautiful laid back State ….

Ooops! A five letter moment of enlightenment….. 

after several attempts @ Office Max Depot  whatever…. I asked for 2 copies of an Email…..

” I don’t understand why I’m not receiving it!…. ): ” 

I look at her abruptly…. perhaps something I remember of my Dad…

And respond ” did you check the Spam folder?”

” Ooops! “She said …

In a few ..  she brought me 1 copy … 

Can’t get it out of my head….

Ooops! Kind of goes with this Campaign 2016 

Yes I know get ink for the printer Lol

1 Year of Cancer

A year ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer….

24 Chemo infusions followed my surgery, the doctors said I was Lucky to have caught it quickly…..

Even more so not allowing a technician to remove fluids in my stomach at the emergency room, he believed the instrument could have been detrimental in spreading the cancer….

Good judgement on my part…

So blessed to have friends & loved ones on the journey 

So Thankful 

Blessings to all


It’s almost a year since my Cancer surgery, ways to go for First year of Chemo to have passed. Neuropathy has disapated quite some but the discomfort lingering…. 

So far hot tub is best remedy

Blessings to All 


See His Glory as she sits in Awe

Peaceful & tranquil absorbed in art

Taken vows never to part..

I share this moment, for she carries my heart 

My life grows to begin again 

The love for a woman 

My daughter in law

I Love you Brittany 


Hope you enjoy this video!

My granddaughter Julia is now a senior studying Drama & Performing Arts …

I knew as an infant on my lap she had a passion for music. At 3 months young, her little body kept the beat as we watched Cher in concert. 

I love her as she approached many challenges as a youngster in this world of today… I admire her expectations for a better tomorrow, I’m proud to say she excels academically as well. 

I know she fills her Moms heart with joy & is a phenomenal big sister to three younger siblings…..

Its National Daughters Week ! 

I nominate you Julia as Daughter of the Century! 

You have my Vote ! 

All my Love 


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