Easy Pour

OCD HAS A HOLD ON ME… So in eliminating a spill I decided to cut a one inch triangular opening in the cellophane. Most important in placement of easy pour; to cut the opening opposite of the hand grip, easy.


It’s the time of year as the season changes  & with so many needy; local or surviving a unexpected disaster…. 

Give !

Pork Bracciole 

His favorite….

Large boneless center chops

Trim & split butterfly technique & firmly pound


Salt Pepper Garlic Locatelli Cheese & sprinkle of seasoned bread crumbs 

I love raisins & pine nuts  so half/half LOL 
Roll bind & fry ….. 

Toothpicks are my choice when they are small …. Thread seems tedious but your choice… Well browned is essential for tenderness

Transfer to deep pan as to cover with fresh tomato & basil… Add additional seasoning if preferred 

Simmer for at least 2 hours 

Mine will simmer til served

Bon Appetite!

On A Political Note

On my mind this morning….. Leaving for Club Pool now to relax……Can’t watch the news anymore…. THE ELECTION…..
This post reflects Italy’s post in giving food to feed its deprived……
Always bedazzled when inquiring on food waste here in America when so many go hungry , how sad years ago when I was informed companies such as supermarkets & small food stores, disposed of day old(?) breads etc had to be thrown out; to write off a loss….. 
I worked in a printing company & asked for children’s books being trashed due to an over run at the press …. Schools wouldn’t take them ): Why? Well should government find out they could reduce their state funding….. 

Soon after speaking with my boss he brought in quality control to evaluate…..

I admired this business man ….. BTW he was given a “leg up” by his dad…… He made the best of it…..
Had the pleasure of a client running for office some thirty years ago, self made business man doing well for himself & family. He was challenged to improve the most corrupt City (I couldn’t begin to list the names of Political Figures who were charged & sentenced to jail) His thesis in college revealed Jersey City to have the highest potential for financial success.

Jersey City ….. Wouldn’t trade my childhood for the world. Of course as a child I had no idea we were poor, this was a blue color working class, 99% Democrats. 

The new Republican young nominee brought out a new interest in politics for me. As an artist and new business woman in the late 80’s, I was intrigued by his passion in his task.

Unfortunately he was back stabbed by his own party. 

Yes Jersey City Now flourished, lets congratulate the Democrats….I couldn’t afford to rent; let alone buy there. 
Donald Trump shows me he has the means & passion to make America Great Again. 
I don’t see passion in Hillary Clinton, her means are questionable these days, basically just Rage & contempt ….. Her voice alone is quite disturbing…….
Just saying 


On Steak 

I’m always complimented when I serve steak. Many chefs prefer just hot grill no prep or rub, I disagree. One of my earliest childhood palate choices… Mustard …. I’ve many favorites…. However, Old No.7 Jack Daniels is a must for steak! Rub ! Refrigerate for the day or just before….


Stuffed Pork Loin

1 pork loin

2 cups chopped spinach 

4 strips crumbled bacon

Shake of flavored bread crumbs 

Salt pepper garlic parsley & scallion to taste

Preheat oven to •375

Split loin legthwise not separating halves, and pound flat, lightly coat with EVOO 

Mix spinach with crumbled bacon & seasoning, lay across pork, fold & tie ….

I placed split golden potatoes seasoned and oiled surrounding pork

Bake 1 1/2 – 2 hours 

Let cool slice and enjoy!

Cucumber Salad


One of my favorite Spring/Summer sides, my Mom occasionally prepared this dish with her chicken cutlets… Good memories….

Peel & slice cucumbers 

Add scallions or onion to taste, salt pepper & fresh parsley 

Dress with a mayo dressing 

I prefer mayo/white vinegar & a dash of Old #7 Jack Daniels mustard


Au Gratin Potatoes 

Easy as pie! Lol

5 medium red potatoes peeled & thin sliced

1/4 stick of butter 

Light cream or half & half (which I use)

About 1/2 cup or to cover

Salt & pepper 

1 garlic clove

Slice garlic in half and rub the entire inside of baking dish

Arrange potato in dish with slices of butter in between, add salt & pepper to taste, pour cream over all …..

Place in preheated oven 400* for 15 minutes and reduce temperature to 350* for additional 45 minutes til potato is soft.


My Mom’s Depression Spaghetti 

When we were young many moons ago. We didn’t eat meat on Friday during Lent. Five siblings with good appetites. This was truly a favorite and we sometimes request it on an ordinary day. 

Years later I couldn’t help recognize the flavor in the enhanced & popular Vodka Sauce, minus the procuitto & vodka.

Thinking of my Mom today & granddaughter visiting I reminisced……

Hope your little ones enjoy this as much as we had !


1 lb Spaghetti 

1 lb yellow & white American    Cheese 1/2 each cubed

1 stick butter

3 12 ounce cans Tomato Soup

Cook and drain spaghetti drain immediately adding cheese & butter mixing well 


Add heated soup ….. I prefer keeping it cheesy chunky!


A Thousand Words…

Morning Surprise visit my youngest grands…..

Much love & good health to all


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