A Breeze of Fresh Air

My tiny fragrance bottle refreshes as the bathroom door opens and closes.



Spring is the beginning of outdoor eating…..
The Grill
In case you are new here or bypassed my post on cleaning your grill…
Place aluminum foil over racks & close lid
Turn all burners on high
When smoke is gone; so is the grease, much like the self cleaning oven.
Nice to be back!
Happy Spring!

Bling !


Another Christmas Week surprise; thought lost & forgotten, today a package comes in the mail with a ring I returned…
To my surprise they replaced it!

Pure as Driven Snow

Now the snow has turned to slush; it’s beauty diminishes, watching my little white beauty in the snow ….
Doesn’t like the cold, but loves snow

She loves the beach

Though hates the water
She’s Adorable…

12 Days of Christmas

Convinced these were lost in the mail,Nevada, a reorder or just another mishap…
Patches arrive…
Happy Holidays!
My Angels Are busy !

Italian Knot Christmas Cookie

Favored by all and shared by few…lol
This Holiday my recipes were non tangible…..

At first I was amazed in the secrecy of the recipe, I’ve made them decades learning from a phenomenal women…a lifetime friend ….now my humorous Angel…..
Mission accomplished…
Email me for the recipe…

Dancing Off The Ceiling!

No upside down tree for me….
But this will do !


Happy Holiday!

Stuffed Artichoke

Originally posted on tastemedrinkme.com:

Another classic favorite the stuffed artichoke. The recipe is easy and time-saving depending on the pre-cook of the artichoke. I usually prepare two for serving as an appetizer. Or you can prepare one for each guest as a side. I use my own chicken stock and find it flavorful to the dish. Always great to keep stock on hand!


2 large artichokes

1/2 cup seasoned breadcrumbs

1/2 cup Bisquick

1/4 cup Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

1 small onion chopped

4 garlic cloves chopped

1/2 cup olive oil

2 cups chicken stock

1 egg

Splash of lemon juice

stuffed artichoke

Cut off 1/2 inch above stem, then cut across the top removing artichoke tip; followed by cutting 1/4 inch of remaining leaf tops, place artichoke on cutting board pressing down in a circular motion to loosen inside.stuffed artichoke

Place artichoke in a large pan 3/4 filled with water to which you will add a…

View original 148 more words

Stuffed Italian Long Peppers

Sometimes I fry these adding marinara sauce

It’s cold outside so they will go in the oven…
I prefer these over bell peppers as they don’t repeat …lol
Everyone stays toasty!

Meatloaf mix prepared as meatballs; stir fry mix, clean slit peppers; stuff and fry or bake…

Panko vs Bread Crumb

So in trying to be selective in every aspect of healthy cooking & eating; I pondered on buying Panko (Japanese breading) hoping to find a healthy choice….

Do the Math….

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