Your favorite leather jacket or sweater has lint balls?
Several minutes go by using lint brush or tiny shears trying to snip them ugh!
Quick thought…
Emory board!

Egg In?

It was the late 80’s Hoboken NJ was an explosion of New … Restaurants, Shops & numerous Retail sites on Washington Avenue. Recently divorced I began taking my young children out on a Friday night for dinner to tease their pallet. Unexpectedly a client surprised me with a gift certificate to a well known restaurant in the area…
First course Soup with a floating egg! Didn’t go over well & not to upset other patrons we left…..
Today; decades later …. Eggceptable
Have a great day!

There’s Always Tomorrow

Comebacks are Fabulous & tomorrow I begin a new series of my Blog
Hope the Holiday Season is Most Enjoyable for All
Prayers & Best Wishes



Pretty flowers
Thinking of my Mom
I Wish
I Wish……

Italian Deli Delight

Great for entertaining home or on the go…..
Choose your favorite selection

Line bowl with Provolone cheese add your favorites
I used spreadable cheese, salami, pesto, sundried tomato, olives & pistachios (which I crushed over cheese)

Finish with Provolone at bottom; chill & flip over for easy slice & serve.


I love Spring
On a day I can capture a spectacular moment, I am thankful for the little gifts of life. Wishing all a great day!

What’s Not To Like?

As my sons wedding date approaches; I am exhilarated with anticipation on all the festivities, when speaking of the event, one question is frequently asked…..
Do you like her?
Really…although it is most important my son Like her ( lol ) my response
I Love Her!
What’s not to like?
Beauty… Inside & Out
Just saying

Beef Brasciole

Seems pork is the choice these days however, yesterday I decided on beef…
Sicilian style with raisins & Pinole

I fillet flank steak covered them with cheese parsley garlic raisins & pine nuts… Roll and secure with thread or toothpicks

Brown well in olive oil & add to sauce pot with fresh tomato & plenty of liquid…
They slowly sauté and soften in sauce, please note Brasciole doesn’t cook well in thick sauce… Once they are softened you can thicken your Gravy!

A Breeze of Fresh Air

My tiny fragrance bottle refreshes as the bathroom door opens and closes.



Spring is the beginning of outdoor eating…..
The Grill
In case you are new here or bypassed my post on cleaning your grill…
Place aluminum foil over racks & close lid
Turn all burners on high
When smoke is gone; so is the grease, much like the self cleaning oven.
Nice to be back!
Happy Spring!

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